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Georganna Lenssen

Once There Was A Tavern | 30 x 30

Once There Was A Tavern | 30 x 30

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Artist:  Georganna Lenssen

Medium:  Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1.5

Artist Statement:   My work is the culmination of response, absorption and interpretation of place or content. A thread of commonality exists—from exquisitely patterned African wild dogs to densely sensual frosted cakes to the evocative nature of abandoned structures and the secrets within—the multi-faceted richness of imagery. Opacities, transparencies and iridescences offer a myriad of painterly opportunities. Here is where instinct, memory and sensation merge for me, creating a visual language of mark-making, color interaction and finally the landscape of the painted surface.

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