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Ron Nicole

Wall Candy Plaster Collection | Zinnia No. 10

Wall Candy Plaster Collection | Zinnia No. 10

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Artist: Ronni Robinson of Ron Nicole

Collection: Wall Candy, Plaster Collection 2022

Color: Sour Apple

Size: Approximately 7" Round by 1" Deep

Plaster  Collection Statement:  Fall ‘22

This is the biggest collection of plaster works I’ve ever done. I didn’t do many last year - We were having our studio designed and renovated, and on top of that we moved. It took a lot longer than expected for me to be able to get into the new space and work. 

My work is temperamental - plaster requires a scientific understanding of your environment - temperature, humidity, and airflow can all wreak havoc on my processes, and it usually takes me a while to adjust to a new setting. 

With this collection it was about challenging myself to build confidence working in my new space. The pieces themselves are a study in composition, and are meant to be complimentary accent pieces to be hung with other artworks, much like the Wedgwood cameos which inspired me years ago.

Ronni Robinson of Ron Nicole 

Born and raised in Philadelphia and currently based in New Hope, PA, the Pennsylvania native has made a name for herself with her handmade paper and plaster botanical reliefs. Her work has been featured by a number of publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, and Architectural Digest.

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