Collection: Ash-Bob


"Most often a collection of art works is called a "body of work." Being an artist with such a focus on titles and meaning in my work, I have decided to explore what it would look like to explore my actual body in this newest body of work. What does it mean to be seen by others? To see myself? How are our bodies used by society and how do we use them ourselves? All of these are questions I am exploring in this latest collection of work. This preview includes 6 works on paper (In My Hands No. 1-6) and two mixed media on linen paintings.  I hope these questions about the body invite you to look at your own to see the power you hold within your physical self and feel empowered to take hold of that power."


About the Artist: Ash-Bob is a Philadelphia based artist originally from Northern California. She works primarily in abstract forms, finding the beauty in the contradiction between simple and complex forms. Ash-Bob began art making in 2014 with an aim to connect to a global audience, a desire she acquired after spending several years working with a non-profit in Perth, Western Australia. She recently graduated with her BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia with her senior thesis show, Competing Feelings, having been exhibited at the museum at PAFA in May of 2019.

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