Collection: Jessica LoPresto

Jessica LoPresto is an artist and designer based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. With a professional background as a print designer in the fashion industry, the influence of textiles is often woven into her artwork. She primarily works with acrylics in saturated hues layered with texture to create her pieces. Her creativity is fueled by a curiosity to explore and play with different techniques and artistic styles.

Artist Statement:
In this collection of canvas paintings, I've merged geometric patterns, inspired by handmade quilts, with the form and aesthetics of Chinese ginger jars. Each of these utilitarian objects gains beauty and intrinsic value over time. The idea of a porcelain vase being stitched, or a soft quilt being crafted from a cold hard material, adds an essential element of playfulness to each piece.  The layering of patterns and textures blur the boundaries of these contrasting elements, inviting viewers to embrace unexpected connections.

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