Collection: Lauren Walcott

Artist Lauren Walcott is a sky gazer who loses herself in the beauty of the ever-changing landscape of clouds, studying the play of light which changes by the minute and moves with the wind. These Dreamscape works are created not from photo reference but from imagination capturing the artist's mood in that moment, varied by her state of mind. This collection will transport you to a place of calm, feeling light as air through the opaque and translucent landscape above. A variety of artists' tools including just a bare hand are utilized to create ethereal and feminine textures.

Artist Statement:  Lauren Carlson Walcott is a Philadelphia-based artist who works in pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. She is also a painter of portraits, dreamscapes, abstracts, and landscapes found while traveling. She looks for beauty in all things, endlessly studying the beautiful palettes of nature and earth that thread through each canvas or piece. This is what inspires her to create.

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