Collection: Sam Coursen

Artist Statement:

My work focuses on texture, color and the effects of nature. I began my creative journey with sculpture and ceramics and took what I learned about the variety of clay and glazes and applied it to paper. I use a range of mediums and experiment with brushstrokes and mark making to create unique and original pieces on paper and on wood. The pieces are often inspired by my research work in the environmental field. They are inspired by elements of nature such as stones softened by sea water, the sides of weathered houses at the sea shore and the constant change and splendor of nature. Some of the artists whose work inspires and influences me are Robert Motherwell and the way he used bold organic shapes, Ruth Asawa and the simplicity and sophistication of her pieces, and Andy Goldsworthy and his unique approach to working with natural objects. While some of my pieces are invigorating, others leave a more calm feeling.

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