Collection: Eva Kozlowski

Eva recently graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, receiving her BFA. Prior to her studies there, she attended courses at Studio Incamminati - School for Contemporary Realist Art. Eva had the honor of receiving the Cecilia Beaux Memorial Prize and the Raymond & Estelle Rubens Travel Award in 2021. This year, she received the John Bradley Sutton Annual Portrait Award, and the Earl. T Donelson Figure Painting Award. 

Artist Statement: My practice is centered around the experience of working from life; directly from a source. Whether the subject is a still life, the human form, or landscape, the infinite variations that are present while observing the natural world are what feed my desire to create. Tuning into the present moment, and translating what is around me into paint is the utmost challenge and pleasure. I love the act of painting; it is when I feel completely free. Telling stories, creating visual worlds and appreciating nature through art is my greatest joy. Sharing this with others is the cherry on top.

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