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About the Artist:   Brian Jerome was born in York, Pennsylvania, June 12, 1990. He grew up next to a corn farm in Dallastown, Pennsylvania.  As a child, Jerome began collecting comic books, especially Marvel Comics, starting at age 3.  The art, mythos, and morality of graphic novels would continue to inspire him throughout the years.

Jerome received his BFA from Tyler School of Art with a focus in Printmaking in 2013.  While attending college, Jerome had a near fatal accident that left him in a coma for ten days.  This event would become an existential catalyst in pursuing both internal meaning, as well as, a therapeutic rumination through art practice.

He was accepted into The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for his MFA on scholarship in 2015 where he began to focus on multimedia, abstract painting. At the Academy, he engaged in critical aesthetic theory and art history, culminating his studies into his thesis, On Honesty and Intention: The Works of Mark Rothko and Cy Twombly.

During his graduate studies, his work began drawing heavy influence from a curiosity of language and linguistics, emotive expression, and the symbiology of Carl Jung. His work has attempted to make a bridge between subjective, internal dialogue and the failure of conventional language to express the fullness of the human condition.

Jerome currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 2008. He is an avid and skilled cook, having worked as a professional cook for over ten years. 

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