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Julie LoRusso is a self taught ceramicist who uses multiple techniques to create one of a kind functional art pottery.  A single piece may incorporate wheel thrown, slip cast, and sculpted elements. 

Her pieces usually include decorative elements of flora and fauna and are always functional.

As an Expat in London Julie sought a creative outlet.  She was able to find an open studio in Notting Hill where she could dabble with clay 2 hours a week.  (This was not nearly enough to sate her appetite.) It was in this studio where she was exposed to sprig molds and hand building.  Excited by the possibilities for adding decorative details, she made a lion head mold from a Poundland toy and added that to her first pedestal bowl — inspired by an antique French soup bowl she had found on Portobello Rd. Then, after a trip to Amsterdam she made her first stacking tulipiere. 

Upon returning to the US, Julie joined a ceramics cooperative where she had unlimited access to the studio.  With time, access and resources she began creating larger and more elaborate designs.  In September 2021, JL Studio Pottery was launched from her home studio built in her Northern Virginia garden. 

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