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Ash Bob

Imaginary Lines | 60 x 60

Imaginary Lines | 60 x 60

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Size: 60” x 60”

Medium: Mixed Media on Linen

About the Artist: Ash-Bob is a Philadelphia based artist originally from Northern California. She works primarily in abstract forms, finding the beauty in the contradiction between simple and complex forms. Ash-Bob began art making in 2014 with an aim to connect to a global audience, a desire she acquired after spending several years working with a non-profit in Perth, Western Australia. She recently graduated with her BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia with her senior thesis show, Competing Feelings, having been exhibited at the museum at PAFA in May of 2019.

Artist Statement: As an artist, I make paintings as a way to communicate pieces of myself that I am unable to otherwise express. While I work both representationally and abstractly, all of my work focuses on the contradictions that we hold within ourselves. Abstraction gives me a liberty that I had never found in representational work to communicate to a broad audience. Today, it is very easy to be known for the best of us by curating our lives online. We are more connected than ever, without really sharing much of substance of ourselves. But paintings cannot truly be experienced in the digital world like they can in person. Artworks seen in person reveal their imperfections and bring a grounded reality to that which we see before us. My work and these paintings are an attempt for me to share not just who I am in a condensed form that is appropriate for publication, but as a way to communicate something more real about myself. Abstraction has no discernible forms and is at times hard to talk about. There is not always a clear-cut way of describing ourselves or how we connect to the world around us, there are only abstract ideas that we give to one another. My work expresses that internal struggle and ambiguity that we all face. I give to you this abstract idea and hope that you see something for yourself within it.

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